¿Que dia es hoy?

is anyone keeping track? i know i'm not.

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ciao, chiloe…y gracias

we woke up the next morning and the birds were causing quite the commotion.  

which brought my attention to the rainclouds!

an andean gull perched on our balcony.  i think he was trying to tell me to stay inside where it was warm and dry. 

but since not riding on our last day was not an option, tika put new tires on our bicycles!  check out my cool blue ones on the left! 

phil busted out his rain gear.  it actually wasn’t THAT rainy, i think he just wanted to justify bringing all the clothes!

we were riding from castro, as usual, and to the town of dalcahue where we took a break to visit a handicraft market. 

i caved and bought this blanket!  it’s one of my favorite (and one of the only) things i purchased here in south america.  handloomed, natural colors and bought directly from the artist.  that’s him behind me and i could tell he was just as excited as me!

our next stop was at a viewpoint on quinchao island.  a great place to rest just as the clouds were hovering ominously overhead.

a little girl had been watching us from her house on the side of the road and she disappeared for a moment only to reappear with her bike!  legitimate competition for tika!

huddled under the canopy until the rain passed. 

as soon as it did, we were off to our next stop and my favorite part of the day…

lunch!  this was where we stopped.  what could we be eating?

some clues on the ground near the ropes on the boat. 

king crab caught fresh that day!  so delicious as it was served with homemade garlic spice, warm crusty bread and a bright green salad.  

afterwards, we were stuffed. 

 i went outside to play with the animals and this one looked so content scratching his belly on the wood. 

back inside, we were all a little too content inside and dreading the steep climb ahead!

when we finally did recover from our lunch and climbed our way out from sea level, we were well rewarded with a visit to the UNESCO church in achao.  

one of the oldest and most stunning, the original was said to be built without using any nails!

the altar.

the stop at this church was also the end our riding here in chiloe island.  

our last chalk smiley face!

team chiloe!

our last morning in chiloe, i wanted to take some parting shots of our hotel that i loved so much.

every morning we had the most divine homemade bread, jam and crushed avocados…

they had a handloomed rug/blanket as well!

our hotel from the back terrace.

neighboring stilt houses.

and finally, this is what our hotel and surrounding houses looked like from the other side.  i thought the views from our room were beautiful, this might have been even better!

thank you juan pablo, tika and the magical island of chiloe for being such incredible hosts!