¿Que dia es hoy?

is anyone keeping track? i know i'm not.

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unesco churches, sheep and a real cabbage patch kid

fun and fast rolling hills, more homemade food and a visit to the chiloe national park. it was our first day of riding in chiloe island did not disappoint. 

we started our ride leaving castro passing some beautiful green rolling hills. 

landscape opened up into these open waters and we couldn’t resist taking a break. 


we started stretching and comparing tricks.  

i remember the first time he showed me this trick on the staten island ferry coming back from one of our first rides together.  i was very impressed!

a quick wave at the camera before the bull decided to make any quick moves!

chonchi church, one of the UNESCO protected landmarks. 

the ceiling was painted a sky blue with little white stars. 

lunchtime! we rolled up onto a farm and had fresh rhubarb juice, salad and a trio of empanadas that included onions and cheese, clams and beef.   

a heated debate.  i think we were talking about the origins of the potato. 

a friend i met on the farm. 

i wonder if it’s like peeling an apple and it’s more fun if you try to get off all the wool in one piece?  

after lunch we had a little more to ride before we arrived at chiloe national park

it was also in the direction of the evacuations route.  but, something was wrong with this sign!

an enchanted forest!

an enormous spiderweb that had an erratic pattern.  fredrik thought perhaps the spider had a neural disorder.

a nalka plant allows for a great “i’m a cabbage patch kid" impersonation!

back at the hotel with the evening version of our view.